Grief Photography; memories and moments

There’s no single way to deal with grief. Grief is a journey, it moves slowly, changing and moulding with our mood and surroundings and is akin to the changing of the seasons.



here are many creative tools that we can use to manage and work through each of our ‘grief seasons’. One that resonates with many, and can play an important role in coping with loss and understanding the emotions of grief, is photography.

It is undeniable that seeing an image from the past can bring back a flood of memories, and sometimes when we are dealing with loss, a flood of memories can become overwhelming.

Nature and scenic photography allow us to become engulfed in our surroundings and be reflective of our ‘grief season’. Much within nature can capture in photos how we feel in a way that may be too difficult to express in words. The creative process of sitting, examining and seeking photo opportunities allows for a quiet time of reflection that can be difficult to find in other areas of our lives.

The best part about photography is that it’s easily accessible to all, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Simply pick up a camera, or a phone and start snapping, you never know which ‘season’ your photography journey may lead you to.

We’ve put together a collection of images our wonderful staff have taken across our beautiful grounds. Each photo tells its own story and is loaded with visual emotions.

We’d love to see some of the images that have moved you on your grief journey. Sharing your grief photography can be a great way to progress through your healing and act as inspiration for others who don’t know where to start.  

20170809_123745 (002)
Ducks floating together on Lake Australis at Bunurong Memorial Park reflecting a sense of calm community.
20180103_071309 (002)
A Rainbow over Song He Yuan at Springvale Botanical Cemetery resembles hope emerging through a dark storm.
file-7 (002)
Striking black and white photography at Melbourne General Cemetery shows a deep connection between the stillness of the cemetery and movement of the clouds.
Screenshot_2017-07-17-11-21-26 (002)
The early stages of a sunset over Springvale Botanical Cemetery showing the peaceful end of another day.
Screenshot_2017-07-25-11-11-47 (002)
A beautiful sun shower at Springvale Botanical Cemetery reflects the sometimes unpredictable and conflicting nuances during a change in the weather.

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