A bucket list for life

A (bucket) list for life

Is there a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting? A challenge you’ve wanted to face head on? A personality you’ve wanted to shake hands with? Congratulations, you have the beginnings of a bucket list. These are a list of things to do before we ‘kick the bucket’ such as destinations, achievements, and encounters we yearn to experience before we die.


ome of us keep meticulous life wish lists written in colour coded inks, whilst others keep a mental checklist, and there are even apps and online wish lists available to help you on your road to discovery. Regardless of how you plan and execute them, or whether they are grandiose or humble, bucket lists get us up and out of our comfort zones to live the best life possible. The only thing better than having our own personal bucket list, is pick and mixing ideas from someone else’s, so we have put together a few to kick-start your ‘list for life’.

The Top 10 Australian Bucket List

Where better to start than in your own back yard? Australia has one of the most wondrous landscapes to fulfil even the most discerning bucket-lister.

Great places to visit on an Aussie bucket list

50 Things to Do Before You Die Bucket List

For those of you with very itchy feet, here’s the Rough Guide’s ultimate list of global experiences and destinations that need to be seen, and done, and believed.

Top 50 things to do in the world before you die

The Mindful Bucket List

Okay, so all this hyped up, adrenaline charged bucket bashing may have left you feeling a little pressured by great expectations in the wilderness of paths not taken. Luckily, Left Brain Buddha has put together a mindful Summer bucket list to ground us in the wonders of the readily attainable, everyday act of mindfulness, compassion, and simple pleasures. No matter what the season, this list will lighten your spirit on the way to inner wellness.

Bucket list for happiness, mindfulness, positive life

The Socially Conscious Bucket List

Want to take something out of your bucket and give it to others? Then check out World Kindness Australia’s ideas on how to give something back. There are lots of achievable ways to add small or large doses of kindness for others onto your list.

Social consciousness giving back to others

The Family-Friendly Bucket List

Human beings are a curious bunch with a thirst for experience. This goes double for kids, so why not build a bucket list with them? My Kids’ Adventure’s Family Bucket List proves how having children can increase the creativity quotient of your bucket.

Family-friendly things to do together on your bucket list

The Couples Bucket List

Your bucket will never be half full when you include your other half. Buzz Feed’s suggestions ensure your list can be built for two.

Things to do together with your partner

So, what’s on your bucket list? Inspire others, and remind yourself of the things you yearn to do, in the ‘Share your Thoughts’ section below.

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